About us

We are a family run business that specialises in Cacti and Succulents, we have an extremely adverse & large collection of Cacti that can guarantee the best quality & selection for choice.

We aim to fulfil the gap that most people have with missing out on nature & offer you your own little sanctuary that can bring peace & comfort through the beautiful plants that we share this Earth with.

Unfortunately we cannot post to WA, NT, TAS or any overseas buyers, due to quarantine laws in these states and Countries.

Photos are to be used as a guide only as size and shape may vary. The cleanest and healthiest plant we have at that point in time will be provided. All plants are extremely healthy & have solid root systems, plants will be sent bare rooted and securely wrapped. All plants sent will have to be potted up we recommend 100mm pots for them to ground their roots into the soil. We are working on finding a secure and safe way to send plants in pots to for an easier process.